DNR Releases early antlerless-only deer hunting season in SE MN!

On October 9th, the DNR announced an early anterless-only season in permit areas 346, 348, 349, and 603 in Fillmore, Houston, Olmsted, and Winona counties (see the permit area map here).  The season will run from the 19th to the 22nd of October, 2017.

If you are interested in the hunt, here are a few rules to know ahead of time.

  • Hunters must possess at least one valid unused early antlerless permit. Bonus permits may be used but hunters must possess at least one valid unused early antlerless permit.
  • Only antlerless deer may be taken, and hunters may use up to five early antlerless permits.
  • Deer harvested during the special season do not count toward a hunter’s statewide limit during other deer seasons.
  • Early antlerless deer permits cost $7.50 for residents, $40 for nonresidents, and may be purchased wherever hunting licenses are sold.
  • Hunters in permit area 603 must have their adult deer tested for chronic wasting disease and cannot move the carcass out of the permit area until a negative test result is received. CWD testing during the early antlerless and youth season outside the CWD zone is not required. You can find more information about chronic wasting disease here.
  • All deer harvested during the early antlerless-only season must be tagged with an early antlerless or bonus permit, or disease management permit if the deer was taken in permit area 603.
  • Hunters also must have a valid archery, firearms or muzzleloader deer license to participate.
  • You can read the DNR’s early anterless-only permit news release here, learn more about Permit Area 344 here, and brush up on your hunting regulations here.

Unfortunately, Elba falls outside of the early anterless-only permit area (we are in permit area 344). However, Archery Season is still open through the end of December, and the Special Youth Deer Season starts Oct 19th.

Stop by with your deer so we can take your picture and add it to our Wall of Fame! We also sell the essential items that will make your hunting, camping, or fishing trip a success, including DNR licenses, State-Park approved firewood, groceries, gas, ice, camping supplies, bait and tackle. We wish all hunters the best of luck this season.

Live life. Live wild.




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