In 1989, Jim and Elaine Burke opened the LB Express, Elba’s only gas station and convenience store. While Elaine managed the business there were many changes, including the addition of Whitewater Auto Tire and Towing’s garage and the closing of the well-loved mini golf course. 

In 2000, Jim and Elaine sold LB Express to Keith and Patty Marshman, and the store was newly minted as Elba Valley Express. 

Since then, Elba Valley Express has experienced its share of challenges and change. In 2007, the city of Elba was flooded after record-setting rainfall sent water rushing into the city. Elba Valley Express was only accessible by canoe until the water receeded and clean-up began. 

Keith still manages the store to this day, and enjoys providing fuel, groceries, and outdoor gear to locals and visitors alike.